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  • 【PERFECT FIT】- Compare to Part # Shop Vac 90304, 9030400, 903-04-00, 903-04, 905-85-00, 90585, 9058500, 90585-00, 905-85 Wet/Dry Vacuum Cleaners. Compare to Shop Vac Filter Part#90304 Type-U, #90350 Type-X, #9034000 Type-W Cartridge Filters, Models BLB450, SSP16-500A, SSP16-600C, SS12-350A, SS14-450, SS16-SQ550, SS16-SQ650, 86MTSQ550.
  • 【HIGH EFFICIENCY】-- Made of Premium HEPA Raw Material, Sturdy Metal Mesh and Non-toxic Durable Rubber. Keep your working spaces clean and free from fine dust and other contaminants. The Exquisite Pleated True HEPA Filter creates an oversized surface area that is great for capturing everyday dirt such as pollen, pet dander, dryer lint. Excellent for cleaning up concrete and drywall dust, fine ash, sawdust/wood chips, leaf bits and job site debris.
  • 【COMPATIBLE 】- Compatible with SL16-575A SS11-450 SS12-300A SS14-350A SS14-550A SS14-600C 16RT500A 16RTP550A 4045AH 85L450 85L575 SS16-450 SS16-550A SS16-650C 86EM350 86L500A 86M350 86MT600C 86ST450 87L500A 87L650C 87M350 87P500A 87P650C 92L550A 92L650C 92P650C BLB550 BLB560C CH87-650C LB650C MSC85EM300 MSC85L450 MSC85L500 MSC85L600C MSC85M250B MSCQPL55 MSCSS12-250 Cartridge Filter for Wet or Dry Pickup.
  • 【Unique Pleated Design】The washable cartridge filter has unique pleated design, making the dewalt 6-16 gallon filter have larger surface area to capture more particles, effectively improve the air quality. Effectively saving the cleaning time.
  • 【Compatible Models】The 6-16 gallon wet/dry vacuum filter is compatible with DeWalt DXV06P, DXV09P, DXV09PA, DXV10P, DXV10PL, DXV10S, DXV10SA, DXV10SB, DXV12P, DXV14P, DXV16P, DXV16PA, DXV16S wet/dry vacuums. Please ensure the filter is compatible with your vacuum cleaners model.
  • 【Washable & Reusable】 Our vacuum filter for Dewalt can be washed and reused, which greatly saves your replacement cost as well as creates a cleaner and fresher air for a healthier lifestyle. If you have any issues, please kindly contact us, we are always here!
  • ★★★ MONEY-BACK GUARANTEE - This is non-original aftermarket part, Good performance never lost to the original. for any reason you're not completely satisfied, can ask for a replacement or full refund.
  • ★★★ COMPATIBLE WITH: Vacuum HEPA filter replacement compatible with Milwaukee 49-90-1900 cordless vacuums, include the 28 Volt and 18 Volt models.
  • ★★★ HIGH-EFFICIENCY & REUSABLE: To avoid secondary air pollution, the premium vacuum cordless filters with high efficiency. Effectively extend the life of the wet dry vacuum.
  • Fits the following models: WD0671, WD0970, WD06700, WD0671EX0, WD1270, WD1450, WD1851, WD1680,WD1956, RV2400A, WD09700, WD0970M0, WD0970EX0, RV2400HF&RV2600B.
  • Filter No.9-17912 fits 6,8,9,12,14,16 and 32 gal vacs with these model numbers

    12004, 177000, 177321, 177621, 177800, 177970, 178880, 179281, 179492,12005, 177001, 177330, 177650, 177805, 177980, 178881, 179290,179510, 12006, 177010, 177331, 177660, 177810, 177990, 178890, 179340, 179570,12007, 177011, 177340, 177670, 177811, 178060, 178900,179341, 179590,12008, 177020, 177341, 177690, 177825, 178061, 179042, 179342, 179591,12009, 177021, 177360, 177700, 177830, 178080, 179100,179350
  • Includes filter with integrated cap to make installation even simple
  • SEARCH NO MORE FOR THE BEST !! Casa Vacuums VF3502H will be your NEW FAVORITE !!
  • 🔋 NEVER LOSE FULL SUCTION POWER 🔋 Our Bags Maintain 100% SUCTION POWER until the Bag is COMPLETELY FULL. Unlike Paper Bags that rip once any large items are picked up, or lose power less than HALF way through your bag.
  • 100% MONEY BACK GUARANTEE - All our Shop Vac Replacement Filters come with a 100% Money-Back Satisfaction Guarantee. If you’re not 100% satisfied with your Craftsman 17816 replacement vacuum filter, simply return it for a full refund. No questions asked! Remember that you can get super-fast shipping with Amazon Prime!
  • WASHABLE FILTER – Your vacuum cartridge filter replacement for your Craftsman 17816 wet dry vacuum will save you money! This incredibly durable filter is washable and reusable. Simply shake the dust out of the filters, wash with a mild dish soap under warm water, allow to dry, and reinstall again and again for a fresh and high-powered clean in your workshop.
  • CRAFTSMAN WET/DRY VAC – This filter is the ideal replacement for a Craftsman 17816 Wet Dry Shop Vac Filter. The Multi-Fit 1-layer wet/dry vacuum filter is compatible with 5 gal to 20 gal Craftsman canister shop vacs.(please check with manufacturer to see if the filter is the right fit) It’s important that you clean and replace this filter whenever you notice performance decreasing to ensure the longevity of your vacuum, and to keep yourself safe from airborne dust particles
  • ✔️IMPROVES THE AIR QUALITY OF YOUR HOME: Enjoy cleaner, fresher air in your home with these premium quality vacuum filters. They are great for removing food, hair, pollen, dirt, dust, pet danger, and bacteria, thus ensuring there are no contaminants around your living areas.
  • ✔️COMBO PACK DELIVERS MORE VALUE FOR MONEY: Every purchase you make from Fette Filter gets you our replacement HEPA post filter and pre-filter assembly. They designed to be compatible with, DC41 Animal Exclusive, DC41 Animal Plus, DC41 Multi Floor, DC41 Total Clean, DC65 Animal, DC65 Animal Complete, DC65 Animal Complete Exclusive, DC65 Animal Exclusive, DC65 Animal Total Clean, DC65 Multi Floor, Dyson Ball Allergy, Dyson Ball Allergy Exclusive, Dyson Ball Exclusive, Dyson Animal Ball 2.
  • ✔️WASHABLE AND REUSABLE: Our replacement pre-filter features a tough and durable design that allows it to be washed and reused but still provide the same results as a new unit. This is great for saving you money since you’ll not need to buy a replacement any time soon.

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